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Ive always tried to avoid getting involved in the hunt, so to speak. When youre single and that feeling of loneliness is slowly but surely creeping in, thats when you have to put your foot down and realize that there is a woman out there for you. But the more you go out hunting for her, the more illusive shell get, and the more you will attract exactly what you dont want.

We tend to meet people within our social world of relevance. But sometimes, you have to venture out just a tad further to find what youre looking for. Besides that, a little bit of adventure thats out of the ordinary isnt going to kill you. Men are creatures of habit in that we have the tendency to meet women through people that we know. Im sure that its happened that way for you just like it has with me.

The problem with that is one of two things usually happens before you indeed do find the right "hook-up." Some of your friends who have a little more luck finding women than you do often tend to fall into the role of "broker" in that you start relying on them to fix you up with a date. But what happens when he runs out of "inventory" for you to take on that initial "test drive?" Theres the first downside that usually is part of the equation.

The second pitfall is that nine times out of ten, you usually wind up talking to someone, maybe even going out on a date with them once, only to find out that it was a flop. The personalities didnt mix and there was no chance at any chemistry developing. I say developing only because chemistry comes in two different packages. There is immediate chemistry where there are fireworks from the minute you start talking. Then there is that chemistry that takes a few encounters to develop with that woman.

The one plus about meeting women through people you know is that its more of a warmer environment for you versus the venturing out philosophy. When you venture outside of your "social network", youre doing what I compare to cold calling in the sales world. You approach women, not knowing anything about them, whereas when youre hooked up by virtue of your friends, most of the time they know a little bit about her to give you some description or possibly history. The screening process has been done so you dont have to go through that ordeal.

Sometimes, you may wind up dating someone who is involved or has a boyfriend. She may be in a relationship, but she may not be happy, so give her a reason to think that she could be happier with you. But just remember, never let your alligator mouth overload your hummingbird butt. In other words, be able to back up your claims at being better than what she has.

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