Telanjang Bugil - Chinese Girl

Hey guys, here are a couple of tips that will make beautiful Chinese women become attracted to you.

Men generally don’t feel comfortable saying “I really like you” to the woman they really like. I can understand why because I am one of those men – it brings back bad memories - I used to get rejected and felt badly insulted if the feelings are not mutual. So for a long time, I used the ”play hard to get” strategy but honestly, it doesn’t work. Why? Especially Chinese women, they generally felt insulted with this strategy and as such, the ill feelings keep adding up along the way and eventually it becomes a game where they just want you to like them back but you will never be able to build a deep connection with them. Think about it, unlike men, women generally have good memories of the past and trust me, they don’t forget if you have insulted them previously.

So, how can you tell a Chinese girl that you really like her without her coming back to bite you back in the ass i.e. without hurting her feelings? One way is to compliment her if she really deserves it. Such as, I know many men must be attracted to your good looks but, what I really like about you is your character. Another way is to check out synonyms for the word “nice” in the dictionary and use the one you feel most comfortable. At least it shows you are committed to it instead of just saying, "It is OK".

If you are still using the “play hard to get” strategy, please beware - women will try their best to destroy your chances of building a deep emotional connection with them. Why? It shows that you are a real jerk and no women would like to go out with someone like that unless they have extremely low self esteem.

I don’t know the kind of women you like nor the type of women who likes you but this is what I know. By focusing on building deep emotional feelings, women will be consistently attracted to you, especially Chinese women. I hope after reading this will help to improve your love life.

All the best.

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