Acha Septriasa

The Singer Acha Septriasa Reported broke up with his sweetheart, Irwansyah . Moreover, since Acha The school in Malaysia, the status of their relations could 'be unclear'.' Exactly last week, they then broke to Break In the interest of each one. Acha Then planned to look for indigenous people's other guy.

"I again" Break with Irwan , said Acha , that claimed just on Tuesday (4/12) then declared the status of his relations. But, he denied it if their relations were cut off just like that.

"We not was cut off, that was certain we the commitment was the good friend," said Acha .

Acha Equivocated, he want to serious by going to class him and did not have the third person among them. He admitted to not having the wish went out with the friend of his one lecture in the Jiran Country.

"I was still liking the person" of "indigenous people," said the virgin that just recently seen ate together with Samuel Rizal .

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