Revalina S Temat

In The Silent the young artist Revalina S. Temat evidently fans heavy to Tora Sudiro. For quite a long time Revalina S. Temat admired the handsome man nan the humorist. He had one obsession that must be realised by him with Tora Sudiro. What tuh? "I wanted really was in films with Tora Sudiro," said the normal artist was greeted by Reva, was met detikhot in Jakarta just recently. In the eyes of the main star the 'Bawang Putih Shallot' film, Tora Sudiro was the actor's perfect noose.

Apart from skilled joked (in Extravaganza), Tora Sudiro could also act serious like in 'Banyu Biru' and the 'Arisan'. Then whether his plan to bring about his obsession? The Revalina S. Temat face at once changed confused when this question was thrown. He said all that just his thoughts then. Acted in the wide screen indeed was the dream. Unfortunately during several months in front of this matter was not possible to be done considering schedule congestion syuting the film.

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