Ratu Felisha

Goods news comes from Ratu Felisha This Star KISS GUE actress is coming to visit Dutch windmill country for engagement procession. Enunciated, Feli and the lover having initial middle J draws up for married at December.

Ratu Felisha Confessed, that love story with the new lover has run three years. Consultant profession husband candidate in one of company in Indonesia. Feli initially hook up by friend and continued to nuptials ladder. Ratu Felisha confess hardly marveling with the husband candidate. " I admire him because bookworm. He is handsome and attention," assertive of Ratu Felisha

Feli hopes, the nuptials plan will take place fluent. The reason is, she has target of this year must married. More than anything else age Feli have entered age 26 years. " This target of I am for married. Hopefully can be be fluent," she said.

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