Julie Estelle

For the third time of Julie Estelle returns to to become star in film KUNTILANAK 3. This is trilogy from director Rizal Mantovani. With shooting process during 25 days in three towns at Bandung, Bogor and Depok.

Takes location most of mountain region is alternated by high rain intensity. Practical of all location as of taste makes stiff of bone Julie Estelle. More than anything else she have time to do retrieval of picture at two early mornings with heavy rain.

"At that time my am very chilled. At the end, my concentration declines because the coldness," says Julie in Belleza Permata Hijau, in event of press junket KUNTILANAK 3 film.

The plan, this film will be turned around at mid of March, next month. Differs from two former KUNTILANAK serieses. This of character Julie as Samantha, figure having caller science Kuntilanak, do not much talk. So she is more exploitingly the mimick face.

"It not so hard, because I guided to be same of acting coach during reading," said this VJ Cathy sister.

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